Pitch Battle drops 'Fire' themed riff-off after Grenfell Tower fire

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Pitch Battle's latest heat saw its 'Fire' themed riff-off cut following the Grenfell Tower fire.

Tonight saw the latest round of the new singing series with what was originally meant to be the opening episode.


The BBC announced last month it had swapped the show in the wake of the fatal Grenfell Tower disaster.

The channel explained at the time: "Following the tragic fire in London, due to song lyrics and themes, the decision has been taken to replace the original opening episode of Pitch Battle with another episode."

The episode instead aired this weekend, with a number of cuts.

In a voice over, presenter Mel Giedroyc said: “This show was recorded before the Grenfell tower tragedy and the theme of this riff off was fire."

She explained: “Due to some of the lyrics, we feel it would be insensitive to show it in full.

“Both of our lovely choirs full support this decision."

As a result, the riff off was replaced by a montage of clips before the judges gave their decision in the pre-recorded heat.

It seems as though the decision split viewers, with some praising the move while others feeling it was an overreaction.


"If they had shown it they'd be called insensitive so they can't win. I think it's right decision considering the scale of disaster," one viewer concluded on Twitter.

Pitch Battle returns to BBC One next weekend with its fourth heat.

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