Big Brother 2017: Second nomination challenge sees who's got the balls

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The latest nominations challenge has taken place on Big brother 2017.

In yesterday evening's highlights, we saw the Second Chance Housemates enter the house and Big Brother explained to the house that because Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue missed out on their first chance of becoming housemates, they are not eligible to win Big Brother.


However they're still set to stir things up having stolen £15,000 of the prize fund enjoying great power in nominations this week.

All four are able to nominate and all four will be immune from the next public vote.

As for the original housemates, they must win the right to nominate by taking part in Big Brother's tasks.

In the first challenge, housemates had to correctly answer questions based on a public poll, such as who viewers had voted the most two faced. Hannah won that round.

In the second challenge, housemates were put into paddling pools where they had to find three silver balls. The first to do so would win the task.

Deborah won the second round in seemingly moments, before celebrating with a twerk on Kieran in their gunge filled pool.

As a result, both Deborah and Hannah now have the power to nominate with further tasks taking place over the weekend.


Those that win the right to nominate alongside Hannah and Deborah will join the newbies in 'The Void', where they'll be able to discuss nominations and plot their votes in another twist to the show.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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