Love Island fans don't want Camilla Thurlow with Craig Lawson

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With Love Island's Camilla Thurlow all but officially crowned the new nation's sweetheart, she needs protecting.

And fans of the show do NOT want her dating new guy Craig Lawson.


Like protective parents, viewers are not giving the new match their blessing after Craig put the moves on Camilla within hours of entering the villa.

She definitely loved the attention, saying in last night's show: “Out of everything that could have been said to me at this moment in time to give me the boost I needed to just keep going, he said all the right things. I can’t explain.”

And in the Beach Hut, Camilla smiled: “I’m still getting to know Craig but he is very interesting very considerate and he’s really attractive.”

But many watching on wanted to burst through the screen to stop it all.

"Craig is so rank honestly WHAT is Camilla thinking !!! #loveisland" one wrote watching last night.

Another warned Camilla (via Twitter of course): "#loveisland camilla he's saying all the right things because he's been studying you since you got in there."

A third added: "Craig is taking advantage of what's happened to Camilla, he's forcing it toooo much #LoveIsland"


And a fourth concluded: "Craig definitely sat down and studied Camilla, came with that game plan no one can stop him #loveisland"

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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