Big Brother 2017 housemates learn what viewers think of them in new task

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The Big Brother 2017 housemates have found out what the public think of them.

And, perhaps not too surprisingly, it's not always been nice to hear.


In this evening's highlights, we saw the Second Chance Housemates enter the house and Big Brother explains to the house that because Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue missed out on their first chance of becoming housemates, they are not eligible to win Big Brother.

However, these housemates have stolen £15,000 from the total prize fund. The Second Chance Housemate that lasts the longest in the competition will win this £15,000 prize.

Furthermore, this week, Second Chance Housemates have great power in nominations, all four are able to nominate and all four will be immune from the next public vote.

As for the original housemates, they must win the right to nominate by taking part in Big Brother's tasks.

In one today, each housemate stood behind a podium with a buzzer. Big Brother then asked questions based on a public poll. Housemates had to buzz in to answer the question correctly in a bid to win the right to nominate.

In one question, Big Brother asked which housemate viewers voted the most manipulative. Hannah was first to buzz in, naming Joe, which was the right answer.

Ellie correctly answered that Raph was the biggest gameplayer, according to the public, while Raph correctly named Ellie the most easily led.

Chanelle was named the most entertaining, Hannah the most annoying and Raph the most two faced.


Those that win the right to nominate will join the newbies in 'The Void', where they'll be able to discuss nominations and plot their votes in another twist to the show.

The task will air in full when Big Brother 2017 continues Saturday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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