Love Island 2017 secrets revealed from the latest series

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As Love Island 2017 continues to draw in big viewing figures, the secrets of the show have been spilled.

Recent evictee of the villa, Jessica Shears has shared all on just what goes on behind the scenes.


She told The Sun newspaper how one of the show's top priorities is safe sex, offering contestants condoms and even the morning after pill.

All the singletons must take STI tests before entering the villa, with Jess revealing: “Once we were in the villa, everyone talked about their results and every islander claimed to have been completely clear."

And she added: "They ration the booze because they’re very scared of people having sex and regretting it.

"If there was more alcohol then there would definitely have been a lot more sex.”

Aside from the sex, Jess says not a lot goes on other than when producers "bark instructions" through a PA system for tasks.

“There are no clocks and we tried to guess the time of day by watching the sun move across the sky," she revealed of the less interesting times that don't make it to TV.

The Islanders are usually provided with food via a "secret room" although meal times are often edited out of the nightly highlights show.

Of course, as we saw this week, every now and then show bosses mix it up by telling the Islanders to cook for themselves.


Meanwhile, a team of cleaners keep the villa tidy when they can including regularly changing the sheets and putting discarded belongings in “the box of shame”.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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