Big Brother 2017 reveals big nominations twist to the house

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Big Brother has dropped a nominations bombshell on the housemates today.

Last night's live show saw four 'second chance housemates' join the house.


In tonight's highlights, the Second Chance Housemates enter the house and Big Brother explains to the house that because Andrew, Sam, Simone and Sue missed out on their first chance of becoming housemates, they are not eligible to win Big Brother.

However, these housemates have stolen £15,000 from the total prize fund.

The Second Chance Housemate that lasts the longest in the competition will win this £15,000 prize. This week, Second Chance Housemates have great power in nominations, all four are able to nominate and all four will be immune from the next public vote.

In the house today, Big Brother gathered the housemates to reveal all about the nominations - plus an extra twist.

Big Brother told the housemates: "Today Big Brother is opening up The Void.

"Inside The Void, Big Brother's rules regarding nominations do not apply. Housemates who enter the void are free to openly talk about nominations, this is your time to form allegiances to save yourself from nomination and put those you wish to evict in danger."

The new twist has already upset Chanelle who tonight confides in Hannah that she doesn’t trust new housemate Sue and doesn’t want her to sleep in their bedroom.

Later in the Diary Room, Sue admits she has noticed that Chanelle isn’t acting like herself and says “I think Chanelle’s wary, I get that impression, she’s being friendly, but there’s something there, she’s not trusting.”


Sue continues “I just think she’s a bit cautious of us, and the truth is she should be”.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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