Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary gives Isabelle Warburton some lessons in sex

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Chanelle McCleary provides Isabelle Warburton with some lessons in sex on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

The pair enjoy an educational time in the bathroom, as Chanelle gives Isabelle her top tips.

"So what is sex? It could be seen as reproduction, pleasure..." she begins.

Chanelle's sex ed lesson continues: "Sexual intercourse can come in many different forms but ideally the penis will enter the vagina.

"Penises come in all different sizes. They could be little big."

Chanelle then moves onto protection: "Benefits of condoms, you should always be safe

"It really does reduce your chance of catching a STD"

With the help of a banana, she then instructs Isabelle to show how to put on a condom.

"That's very forceful," Chanelle reacts. "You have to be very gentle with the penis because it's fragile. "

She then reveals: "You can also put a condom on with your mouth," before demonstrating to her student.

Elsewhere on tonight's Big Brother, four new housemates enter and there's tension from the off.

Hurricane Sue senses Chanelle is wary of the Second Chance Housemates and tells the Diary Room she should be

Plus, Raph reveals his soft spot for 1D's Niall

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Bit On The Side follows from 23.05PM with Rylan Clark-Neal joined by India Willoughby, Mark Byron and Margi Clarke and the fourth evicted housemate Savannah.

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