Love Island 2017 viewers accuse Camilla Thurlow of being 'fake'

Love Island: Camilla

Some Love Island 2017 viewers appear to be turning on Camilla Thurlow.

The Scottish singleton has proved a fan favourite on the show so far, and following her recent break up from Jonny it seemed everyone was on her side.


Well, almost everyone.

Some people are now suggesting that Camilla is "fake" and playing the game.

"Camilla is so fake it's embarassing 🙄" one viewer wrote watching last night's show.

Another suggested: "This is where the fake Camilla mask slips. Because nobody could miss that absolute vacuum, Johnny. #LoveIsland"

More viewers tweeted: "I loved Camilla at first but I reckon she's a big snakey fake"

And a fourth added: "Honestly knew camilla was too good to be true, fake fake fake #loveisland"

However the doubters seem to be in the minority as things stand, with many still very much Team Camilla.

"Camilla is so lovely, humble, and selfless. Petition for her to win love island single, no one deserves her #loveisland" praised one fan during the latest episode.

Celeb viewer Melvin Odoom tweeted: "Can Camilla just win on her own? shes so sweet, I might seem like I'm crying at home alone in my pants but somethings in my eye #loveIsland"


And another agreed: "Please can Camilla win on her own, then she can prove to all woman you don't need a man #LoveIsland"

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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