Love Island: Gabby Allen's mum would be 'disappointed' if her daughter has sex on the show

Love Island 2017: Gabby and Marcel.

Gabby Allen's mum has said she'll be disappointed if her daughter has sex on Love Island.

Paula caused a bit of a s**t storm in the villa when she blabbed to Gabby about rumours of Jess and Mike in a Skype chat to her daughter.


And she thinks Gabby will be better off not doing the same as Jess did in the villa by having sex.

“I'd be shocked and disappointed,” Paula admitted. "I hope she doesn’t for me, her brother and herself. She’s holding herself so well and she’d be disappointed in herself long-term if she did that."

She told OK! magazine: “She said she wasn’t that type of girl so I would be shocked if she did. She did say that she would be snogging. I just pretend it’s something else that I’m watching when she’s doing that. Before she left, her brother told her ‘You’d better behave yourself’”

Gabby is currently partnered up with Marcel Somerville on the show and it’s a coupling that has her mum’s seal of approval.

Paula, who says she’s a big Blazin' Squad fan, explained: “There is chemistry there She loves listening to him. She’s never been out with anyone much older than herself. I’m relived about that - I think older is definitely better for Gabby. She’s very independent and I think he’ll rein her in.”

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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