Big Brother 2017: Savannah talks Hannah and Deborah 'race rows'

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Savannah O'Reilly has discussed Big Brother 2017's 'race rows' with sisters Hannah Agboola and Deborah Agboola.

Savannah O'Reilly was given the boot from Big Brother last night after facing the vote against all of her fellow housemates.


Savannah received the most votes to be evicted of the eleven and insisted she was happy to be out after just one week inside.

“I am relieved. I was happy to go, it was very intense, much more intense than I thought it would be," the Dubliner told Emma Willis last night.

Speaking since her exit, Savannah has spoken out about Hannah and Deborah following a number of clashes over race.

“If Deborah leaves before Hannah, her situation won’t be good as she’s very opinionated and not understanding of other people," Savannah told The Sun newspaper. “She is only staying sane because of her sister.”

Savannah added: “I completely understand their background and how they feel about certain words.

“I totally appreciate where they come from, but at times if I approached them the wrong way… it can be taken wrong.”


Savannah went on to comment on the split in the house: “There was a massive divide. The pot was boiling from the second we walked in there” and continued “everybody is trying to get along, but there is other stuff, like knit picking going on underneath and I don’t think it’s going to be long until there is another eruption”.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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