Big Brother housemates quiz the newbies on the outside world

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The Big Brother housemates have been quizzing the newbies on the outside world.

And the four new housemates have been spilling all after joining the house in last night's live show.


Andrew Cruickshanks, Simone Reed and Sue Evans were originally at the launch night where they faced a public vote to enter the house, but lost out to Tom who went on to become the People's Housemate.

The trio are joined in the house by Sam Chaloner, who wasn't chosen to join the house by the current housemates last week in a twist.

The new four piece are 'Second Chance Housemates' which means they can't win the show or the main prize fund, but are playing for £15,000.

Almost as soon as the four entered the house, the current lot were interrogating them on the outside world.

Hannah and Deborah wanted to know who the favourite was, with Sue telling them that she though Ellie had the best chance of making the final.

Chanelle was more interested in knowing how many more followers she had on Instagram while Ellie quizzed Simone on how she came across during the row with Lotan, Isabelle and Hannah.

Charlotte also had a few questions as she questioned Simone on if she was boring, with the new housemate saying yes.


After all the quizzing, the group got together for a game of spin the bottle.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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