Love Island fans slam 'lack of diversity' after eleven newbies are revealed

Love Island has come under fire for a lack of diversity after adding eleven new contestants.

Six guys and five girls joined the show in this evening's episode, following last night's eviction which saw Simon Searles given the boot.


The six new guys are Steve, Marino, Nathan, Craig, Alex and Rob and the five new girls are Chyna, Ellisha-Jade, Danielle, Amelia and Shannen.

The guys will join the current girls in the villa while the new girls will move into a brand new, second villa with the original boys in the ultimate test of loyalty for the current couples.

While the twist excited many, the lack of diversity among the newbies has left lots disappointed.

Complaints included the new bunch being too white, too blonde and too Southern.

"wow we need some diversity, all the new girls look the same. #loveisland" wrote one viewer.

Another complained: "Why are the new girls mostly blonde and southern.. wheres the diversity here!!!?? #loveisland"

A third tweeted: "So they've added in another 3 white fake blondes, I can tell they're really trying to diversity the show #loveisland"

More tweets included: "These girls are gorgeous but the four blonde girls look so similar to one another we need more diversity. #LoveIsland"

"Why don't they chuck some diversity in there? Literally 4 of the new girls are the same #Loveisland," another wrote.


And one Love Island fan concluded: "Love island has no idea what diversity means #loveisland"

Love Island continues nightly on Channel 5.

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