Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young and Tom Barbet get a secret mission

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Ellie Young and Tom Barbet get a secret mission on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

Ellie and Tom are given a secret task to make their housemates yelp in freight.


Big Brother calls the pair to the Diary Room and informs them they must work together to scare at least 5 of their fellow housemates.

They pass the task and successfully win the house a takeaway dinner of their choice.

Which is a good thing as with their economy shopping budget, tensions brew around Tom’s insistence of using 8 eggs to make an omelette for Joe and himself.

While the takeaway is enjoyed, a game provided by Big Brother along with it ends in tears.

Big Brother gives the group with a box of questions in the living area. The housemates must read out a question and decide who it best describes.

But the task takes a nasty turn when Chanelle and Hannah fall out in a big way when jokes are taken too far.

Hannah talks to Raph about her hurt feelings after the exchange between herself and Chanelle and he decides to try to reconcile their friendship by bringing the women together to discuss.

However it only ends with Chanelle extremely agitated with Raph and the situation.


Big Brother 2017 airs tonight live at 9PM on Channel 5.

Bit On The Side follows with Rylan Clark-Neal at 10.35pm on Channel 5, guests include Luke Kempner, Roman Kemp, Kim Woodburn, Tom Read Wilson.

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