Big Brother 2017: Lotan Carter has had death threats after leaving the show

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Lotan Carter has claimed he's received death threats after leaving Big Brother 2017.

The stripper was given the axe by show bosses at the weekend following 'unacceptable behaviour' over a number of days.


The last straw was a row with Isabelle which saw him throw a drink over her, before speaking about 'physically and mentally destroying' his fellow contestant.

But defending himself this week, Lotan said: “I have never raised a hand to any woman. I would never do that. I am not that kind of man. I’ve had death threats. But I would never hurt another human being, let alone a woman.

“I never got personal. Yes, I attacked the way Isabelle looks and I’m sorry for that. I truly am. When I said I would destroy her physically and mentally – it was so out of context."

He told The Sun newspaper: “I would never touch another human being. Let alone a female. Let alone touch someone who’s already got a problem with me and I’ve got a problem with them.”

Lotan explained: “I’m angry and drunk but I’m not stupid. I never had any intention of doing anything.

“If someone gets very personal about me, eventually I will do it too. In the end I couldn’t bring myself to do it because it’s not who I am or what I want to be.”


Lotan says he's currently taking an absence from social media and hit back at claims he was a "woman hater"


"If I was a woman beater or a woman hater, how would I have had an eight year career with the Dreamboys," he said."It’s ridiculous. That is not me and I am not like that. I’ve gone out for coffee with some of the show’s superfans, they know I’m nice and I’m not like that."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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