Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young's Irish joke has offended quite a few people

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Ellie Young has made quite a few Big Brother viewers angry over a joke about the Irish.

Last night saw Ellie tell a tale of an Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman who were driving in the desert when their car broke down.


They decided to each take a piece of the car with them, with Ellie explaining: "The Scottishman says, 'I'll take a car seat so when I get tired, I can have a sit down'.

"The Englishman goes, 'I'm going to take the radiator in the car, because if I need to drink there's water in there'.

"Well, the Irishman says, 'I'm going to take the side of the door'. And they were like, 'Why's that?'

"And he was like, 'Well, if it gets too warm, I can wind my window down."

The cheeky gag didn't go down well with those watching over the Irish sea.

"#bbuk Please inform Ellie that telling stereotypical Irish jokes went out with black/white TV. F**king cheek, especially from that t**t" one complained on Twitter.

Another wrote: "@bbuk Why was Ellie's English~/Irish~/Scottish~/~man joke allowed? If it was "Pakistani, Indian & Jewish" she'd have got a formal warning."

A third added: "No Ellie. Englishman, Scotsman & Irishman jokes aren't really acceptable nowadays, especially when the 'joke' claims Irish are stupid. #BBUK"

And another viewer concluded: "Ellie just lost the Irish vote, Irish jokes not ok!! #bbuk"


But others laughed off the idea the joke was 'racist', branding complainers "snowflakes".

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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