Love Island 2017 recoupling brings drama as Jonny doesn't know who to pick

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There's mega drama on Love Island 2017 tonight as a surprise recoupling is announced.

Marcel got a text in the villa yesterday: “Islanders tonight there will be a recoupling in which the boys will pick which girls they want to recouple with #makeitcount #seizetheday”


Montana reacted: “Lets’ face it, it’s not the best time for a recoupling especially in my case because Simon is being a big fat twit.”

The news of the recoupling has sent shockwaves through the villa and the Islanders set about discussing it.

A smug Jonny
A ridiculously smug Jonny

Jonny and Dom are chatting in garden ahead of recoupling. Jonny admits he knows Camilla isn’t his type and they are different people but sometimes it’s nice to go out of your comfort zone. He also admits he doesn’t always get excited about Camilla but did earlier when he was talking to Tyla.

Although he says he wouldn’t rule a coupling with Tyla out in the future, he doesn’t feel he could recouple with her tonight as it would come as a shock to Camilla.

But Dom reminds him that the recoupling won’t see anyone get dumped tonight, it’s just a chance to mix up the couples: “I think you’d be respected by a lot more people in here than you think, not for leaving Cam but for doing something that [you want.]"

Following his earlier discussion with Jonny, Dom is sharing the details with the rest of the Islanders in the kitchen. He tells Kem, Olivia, Amber, Gabby and Marcel that Jonny admitted he might choose Tyla as a future recoupling.


Gabby is visibly gutted and Marcel walks off, annoyed that Dom has shared that with the group.

Dom follows Marcel, who says: “You can’t say that in front of Gabby, she is Camilla’s best friend. You’ve gone and kicked loads of stuff off now. Dramas now… that’s just awful now. It’s going to come out now that people are talking. People love to talk about everyone else’s business and that is what gets people into trouble.”

Marcel goes off and warns Jonny not to open up to Dom again because he’s shared it with everyone, prompting Jonny to confront Dom.

Love Island:  Dom and Jonny fall out.
Love Island: Dom and Jonny fall out.

In the Beach Hut, Jonny says: “I don’t really understand what Dom’s motive is. All I’ve ever wanted to do when I got in here is be his mate but for some reason he’s decided that he wanted to take it upon himself to go and basically air all of that information to a load of people who are basically going to blab it.


" It’s made me angry. On the outside world I don’t deal with people like this. He is a busy geezer, he likes to come off like he’s got all the moral high ground but he’s not, he’s an idiot.”

But who will Jonny pick at the recoupling?

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