Love Island's Jonny "goes to boob town" with Camilla

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Love Island's Camilla Thurlow allows Jonny Mitchel into "boob town" on tonight's show.

And he's got Montana Brown to thank for it.


With concerns that their relationship has stalled, Montana provides the pair advice and says that Jonny needs to give Camilla’s boob “a cup”.

Camilla jokes that she saves those for special occasions only and Montana says, “Jonny just cup her boob, she’ll love it.”

Later in bed, Camilla and Jonny start kissing passionately and he jokingly cups her chest. The room is full of love as Gabby and Marcel kiss, Olivia and Chris kiss and Simon and Montana snog too.

A smug Jonny
A ridiculously smug Jonny

The next morning, Jonny is telling Marcel that he finally got a feel of Camilla last night.

In the Beach Hut, Jonny is smiling, “I went to boob town last night. I sound like a kid don’t I, talking about a boob grab.”

Meanwhile, Camilla makes a pact with Gabby to help her open to Jonny.


Camilla says: "I think I make it too hard for him to do that because I put the line so far back that he’s now ‘Can I even go and give her a hug?’ The onus is definitely on me.”

Gabby sets a challenge for Camilla: “I’ll make you a pact to get you into it. Every time I kiss Marcel you go and kiss Jonny.”

Camilla agrees to the pact after discussing some parameters...

“No straddling?” Gabby asks.

Love Island 2017: Gabby and Camilla
Love Island 2017: Gabby and Camilla

“I could straddle, that’s alright,” Camilla says, “In a private area, no big audiences.”

In the Beach Hut, Camilla opens up: “I’m going to try and do Gabby’s challenge. I will give it a go… I’m not a big person for PDAs anyway.


"What I have to learn to appreciate a little bit is privacy is quite rare and I do think I now need to make sure that I’m showing that the barriers are coming down a little bit, slowly but steadily they are coming down.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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