Love Island 2017: Chris isn't happy with Olivia after last night's eviction

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Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes clash in tonight's Love Island 2017 after yesterday's eviction.

Sam and Chloe were waved off the Island following their shocking dumping last night when the couples had to vote each other off the show.


Following Sam and Chloe's exit, Chris is annoyed at Olivia gossiping about who they voted for as he wants their vote to stay anonymous.

“This is why I’m annoyed at Liv. Chloe went, ‘You better not have voted for me’ and she was like ‘I didn’t, I didn’t’ and she could have left it like that.’” he explained.

Love Island: Chris
Love Island: Chris

“It’s me involved in this vote as well, this is why it’s anonymous, I don’t want that person I voted for to know I voted for them so it’s really annoyed me. She’s very ditzy like that,” Chris tells Gabby in the bedroom.

Later on, Olivia gets a text announcing that she and Chris will have to cook the rest of the Islanders lunch: “I’m really sorry in advance by the way. Olivia and Chris, today you will be cooking lunch for the whole villa but first you need to head out to buy your food supplies.

"Please get ready to leave the villa immediately #shoptilyoudrop #whatscookinggoodlookin #canyoufindthecourgettes”

Chris agrees: “I apologise in advance everyone because I ain’t no Ramsey, I’m more Bambi mate.”

Things get heated in the supermarket as the couple bicker about what to buy, despite them both agreeing to cook a classic spag bol.

“I feel like you pick fights with me constantly and I feel like I’m very good at tolerating it,” Olivia tells him. They spend the whole trip arguing and trying to take control over the cooking challenge.

Love Island: Chris and  Olivia shopping
Love Island: Chris and Olivia shopping

After a challenging shopping trip, they return to the villa to start cooking. Chris takes on the role as “chief chopper” and although they nearly have a blazing row at a few points, they manage to serve up a feast which goes down a treat with the Islanders


Chris quips: "I feel like there’s a career outside of here in terms of cooking, maybe bring out my own book or something because I’ve got my own way of doing things and it seems to work.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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