Big Brother 2017 housemates spot an intruder in the house

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There's a surprise intruder on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

It's Day 22 and this week’s shopping task of 1960s Peace & Love continues.


As part of the task, at least two housemates must camp out in the garden at all times.

While camping, Savannah, Charlotte and Ellie spot an intruder in the living area - they shriek.

The intruder is a massive moth that they have called Red Dragon. Kieran tries to release the moth in the garden, but not before scaring Tom with the beast.

Kieran eventually captures the moth in a jug before taking it outside.

"Fearless!" declares Charlotte of Kieran's actions.


But as he approaches the girls with the moth in his hand, they start to shriek again.

Savannah warns: "Kieran do not come over here!

Kieran eventually releases the moth, prompting Savannah to declare: "I hate nature."

Elsewhere in tonight's show in the task, Big Brother challenges housemates to write an original song about one of their fellow housemates and then perform in the house


Housemates are gathered for the sing-a-long where Isabelle shines in the spotlight with her ode to Chanelle.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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