Big Brother 2017: Isabelle Warburton shows off her unique singing voice

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Isabelle Warburton has been showcasing her singing talents in the Big Brother 2017 house.

She's followed Hannah and Savannah and jumped on the musical bandwagon with an original song.


Isabelle performed her ode to Chanelle to the group yesterday, although did get one major thing rather wrong by calling her Chantelle throughout the track.

"It's Chanelle!" Chanelle told her after the performance.

But the song still got relatively rave reviews on YouTube from viewers.

"and shes still better than savannah" one wrote.

Another declared: "thank you saving this series"


With Big Brother confiscating all the luxuries in the house for this week's task, housemates have been left to make up their own entertainment.

Chanelle and Raphael spent yesterday pranking their fellow Big Brother 2017 housemates.

Using some props from the task and one of the house mannequins, Raph and Chanelle fashioned themselves a Chanelle doll.

They then tricked Tom Barber into talking to the door before Chanelle jumped out at him, sending Tom jumping back across the room.

Tom took it in good humour, let's just hope Raph and Chanelle leave the eggs alone this time.

This week housemates are taking part in a 'flower power task' in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

Last night's episode saw Big Brother transform the house into a hippy commune. The sofas were taken away and replaced with cushions and blankets.


The task then got underway. Dressed as hippies, the housemates had to repeat ‘I’m At One With The Big Brother House’ each time a gong sound is played into the house and housemates were asked to share positive thoughts

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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