Love Island fans happy Chloe is out but sad to see Sam go

Love Island fans have been reacting to tonight's shock results.

This evening it was Sam Gowland and Chloe Crowhurst who left in the Love Island results after a surprise twist.


A text told the couples that they each had to vote for the least compatible couple in the villa, who would be immediately leaving.

Camilla and Jonny, Sam and Chloe, Olivia and Chris, Marcel and Gabby, Dom and Tyla, Kem and Amber and Montana and Simon all went away to talk over who they thought was the least compatible couple in the villa.

The group then gathered around the firepit as the results were delivered by text. With the most votes from their fellow Islanders, Sam and Chloe were evicted from the villa.

Fan reaction was fairly split with many rejoicing about Chloe's exit.

"Chloe says she doesn't care but is asking who voted for her...just f**k off and get on that plane #loveisland" one complained.

"Chloe calm down love no one liked you anyway #LoveIsland" another added on Twitter.


And a third concluded: "Oh p**" off chloe #LoveIsland"

However there was a lot of disappointment that Sam was heading home.

"Chloe was snakey n her lips do my head in, Sam on the other hand was a genuine likeable guy, ah well #LoveIsland" said one viewer.

"Can't chloe just leave and sam stay #loveisland," a second agreed.

And another Love Island concurred: "Bye Chloe you will not be missed...sam on the other hand top bloke! Mark #loveisland"


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Love Island 2017 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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