Love Island's Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow FAKE? Islanders turn on 'perfect couple'

Love Island: Camilla and Jonny.

While us viewers have fallen in love with Love Island's Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow, it's a different story in the villa.

And it could well be the end for the couple tonight, with rumours it's all a bit fake between them.


In this evening's episode, Dom, Olivia and Chris are talk about the pair and Chris suggests that Jonny is being fake: “He’s so fake. If he was into Camilla one bit you’d see him kiss her, you’d see him at least touch her in the day. They have no interaction.” Olivia agrees.

Later in the Beach Hut, Dom suggests that Jonny might be staying with Camilla because she is proving popular on the outside world: “Since the public vote, Jonny’s attitude has changed.

"I think it’s because he realised that the public do actually like Camilla and it’s took him two weeks and a bit to really come out of his shell and I think he’s done that because he’s got to keep Camilla on side.

"If you look at the other couples in the villa or past examples like me and Jess we’d kiss through the day, Olivia and Chris they kiss through the day, Amber and Kem they kiss through the day. Jonny does not pay Camilla any attention, zilch, nothing. They don’t even sit together so I think Jonny is playing a really big game.”

Meanwhile, even Jonny himself is questioning his connection with Camilla.


In the Beach Hut he opens up: “It’s been a bit funny with Cam the last few days, ever since the recoupling. I felt things were good, we were on a good track. We said we were going to move at a real world pace and this isn’t a real world pace, this is just solid, stand still…

"During the day I feel like I’m trying to talk and it’s almost like she doesn’t want to, it’s just the vibe I get… I’m not asking for miracles here I’m just asking for her to let me know where I stand. Things can go slow but I like to know where I am as well otherwise I start thinking, what is this girl’s angle?”

As for Camilla, she tells the Beach Hut about Jonny: “I think things are good with Jonny, I hope they are. I think that sometimes it’s difficult for Jonny to know how tactile or how friendly he can be with me because he knows that I have certain reservations about that side of things.

"I’ve had certain barriers in the past and to be honest, the onus is on me to make it easier for him to approach me.”

In the evening, a surprise dumping lands on the island.

Each couple is told they have to decide who they think are the least compatible couple.

Love Island 2017: Camilla
Love Island 2017: Camilla

Camilla and Jonny, Sam and Chloe, Olivia and Chris, Marcel and Gabby, Dom and Tyla, Kem and Amber and Montana and Simon all go off in their couples to discuss who they think is the least compatible couple in the villa.

They then send a text with their answer before all islanders are gathered together by the fire pit and the couple voted least compatible are dumped from the island… by text.


It’s testing times for the couples in the villa but who will be dumped from the island tonight?

Love Island 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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