Love Island 2017 reveals shock twist as couples vote each other out the villa

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Love Island 2017 has just dropped a huge twist on the villa and things are getting personal.

In tonight's show, Islanders get sent a text message which reveals all.


"Islanders, tonight each couple will vote for who they think is the leas compatible couple. The couple that receives the most votes will be dumped from the island tonight.

"You must now discuss in your couples who you are going to choose and submit your decision by text. You must not discuss your decision with anyone else.

"Tyla and Dom and Simon and Montana are immune from this vote. #BadRomance #LoveIslandNotFriendIsland"

The text sent shock waves through the villa as the couples each separated to discuss their vote.

Camilla and Jonny, Sam and Chloe, Olivia and Chris, Marcel and Gabby, Dom and Tyla, Kem and Amber and Montana and Simon all discuss who they think is the least compatible couple in the villa.


"The most compatible couple in the villa is me and you," Marcel tells Gabby, "Because I'm actually falling for you and you know that."

Chris tells Olivia: "There's only two real couples in here at the moment, me and you and Gabby and Marcel."

Camilla meanwhile frets with Jonny: "I can't, I don't want to do it to anyone."

However they must and soon each couple texts in their vote.


Who will be the couple that ranks as the least compatible?

Love Island 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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