Big Brother 2017: Deborah Agboola given formal warning after fight night

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Deborah Agboola has been issued a formal warning for her part in Big Brother 2017's fight night.

Yesterday evening saw an explosive highlights episode that ended in Lotan Carter being ejected from the house.


On Sunday Channel 5 confirmed that Lotan had been removed following a huge row between the housemates the night before.

Security had to enter the house to break up a massive fight which involved many of the housemates.


While it all began between Lotan and Isabelle, it ended with almost every housemate rowing with one another.

One of the numerous clashes saw Deborah and Ellie fight, with Deborah claiming: "She swung at my face. Ellie, you swing at my face!"

Security entered the house to split up the pair before Deborah charged at Ellie up the stairs, who told Deborah: "I did f**k all wrong!"


Ellie then repeated: "Go on then, hit me! Hit me!"

While a lot of viewers saw Ellie to be in wrong, Big Brother has dished out a formal warning to Deborah, Channel 5 has confirmed.

The full details of Deborah's warning will be shown in tonight's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

This evening's episode will feature all the aftermath of last night's drama, including the reaction of the house to Lotan's ejection.

Ellie and Deborah also come face to face after their row while Chanelle McCleary is "gets a talking to" from Big Brother for her part in the row.


Plus, Big Brother announces that nominations are cancelled and all remaining housemates face Thursday night's eviction.

Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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