Big Brother 2017 news! Lotan ejected, warnings issued and nominations cancelled

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Here's all the latest from a very dramatic 24 hours on Big Brother 2017.

Yesterday evening saw an explosive highlights episode that ended in Lotan Carter being ejected from the house.


Earlier in the day, Channel 5 confirmed that Lotan had been removed following a huge row in the house on Saturday night.

Security had to enter the house to break up a massive fight which involved many of the housemates.

While it all originally started with Isabelle and Lotan, Chanelle kicked off, Ellie and Deborah clashed and the night ended with security keeping the warring housemates apart.


The morning after and Big Brother had a big announcement in the house yesterday.

"As a result of his words and actions in the house and in the Diary Room over the last few days Lotan will not be returning to the house," Big Brother announced to the group. "Big Brother will also be speaking to certain other housemates individually about their behaviour."


But that wasn't all, as Big Brother revealed it was cancelling the week's nominations.

The group had originally nominated in the Diary Room as usual and Lotan was up for the chop alongside Tom, Hannah and Isabelle.

However Big Brother announced that these nominations were void and all of the eleven remaining housemates will be up for eviction this week.

Big Brother explained: "As a result of Lotan's departure and as a result of the actions of several housemates last night, this week's nominations are now void.

"Instead, all housemates will face the public vote to evict. Big Brother urges all housemates to show each other respect and tolerance."

Meanwhile, in a separate incident unrelated to the big fight, Tom was handed a warning for unacceptable 'sexually intimidating' behaviour following late night antics which saw a naked Lotan end up on top of Savannah in her bed.

Elsewhere and after all the fighting and Lotan's dramatic exit, Big Brother tried to get the housemates together again with the new shopping task.


"It's time to spread the love," Big Brother said, "For this week's shopping task you are all flower power hippies. "

Housemates found that all the furniture in the living area had been removed while the garden had been turned into a Glastonbury-esque music festival.


Big Brother provided the housemates with costumes as they sat in a circle to meditate and free themselves of any negative thoughts.

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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