Big Brother 2017: Rebecca Jane to sue Chanelle McCleary over arm injury?

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Rebecca Jane has said she'll sue Chanelle McCleary after leaving Big Brother 2017.

Big Brother's Rebecca left the house to go to hospital after injuring her arm after slipping on an egg in the house.


Following her eviction, she revealed she hurt her arm falling in the kitchen on eggs cracked on the floor by Chanelle as a prank.

"I slipped on a f**king egg!" reacted Rebecca when the incident happened.

"Oh my days!" giggled Tom.

While Rebecca laughed off the accident at first, she later went to the Diary Room for first aid.

In a Facebook Q&A following her exit, Rebecca explained she ended up leaving the house completely to go to hospital.

"I was taken off to hospital, after I slipped on the eggs," she said. "I got put on an alcohol ban and made to watch them lot get p***ed."

After getting help from medics, Rebecca returned to the house with her arm in a sling.

She was then given the boot in last Friday night's live show after facing eviction against Joe, Chanelle and Hannah.

Taking to Twitter this week, Rebecca tweeted: "Can I just ask you all to vote for Chanelle to win please... I need her to have money for when I sue over my arm injury #bbuk @bbuk #egggate"


She also complained online to fellow axed BBUK housemate Kayleigh Morris: "Look at our contract ... if you cause another housemate harm you can be removed... she didn't even get a warning #bbuk"

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest episode tonight at 10PM.

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