Big Brother 2017: Kayleigh Morris suggests Chanelle McCleary should be kicked out

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Big Brother's Kayleigh Morris and others have suggested Chanelle McCleary should be kicked out after last night's fight.

Yesterday evening saw an explosive highlights episode that ended in Lotan Carter being ejected from the house.


Earlier in the day, Channel 5 confirmed that Lotan had been removed following a huge row in the house on Saturday night.

Security had to enter the house to break up a massive fight which involved many of the housemates.


While it all began between Lotan and Isabelle, it ended with almost every housemate rowing with one another.

Chanelle, who is on a final warning from Big Brother, was one of those involved, seen smashing a drink on the floor before rowing with Lotan alongside Debroah and Hannah before being escorted away by Raph.

Kayleigh Morris, who was ejected from the show last week, took to Twitter to suggest she should have also been booted out.


Kayleigh tweeted: "Hold up ... so Chanelle Puts bag over head Punches wall Spits at someone Aggressively hits cap of sum1 Throws x2 drinks Says she"l kill sum1

"Places eggs on floor causing someone to harm themselves resulting in a hospital visit. On final warning Yet what......"

One of Kayleigh's followers added: "And kicked her slipper off & hit one of the sisters in the chest."

Rebecca Jane, who hurt her arm slipping on eggs left by Chanelle in the kitchen before her eviction, added: "Look at our contract ... if you cause another housemate harm you can be removed... she didn't even get a warning #bbuk"


Former BBUK housemate Aisleyne also added her opinion, posting last night: "How comes Chanelle ain't been removed though? Her list of liberties is endless and crimeless in #bbuk eyes it seems ‍♀️"

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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