Big Brother 2017 fight night! Watch as security break up arguing housemates

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Security step in to stop a major argument in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

It all ends with Lotan Carter being removed from the house, with Channel 5 confirming he will not be returning.


It all erupts when housemates play a game in which they have to describe one another.

Lotan brands Isabelle vain as she looks in the mirror before other housemates point out she's just adjusting her microphone.

"Oh come on, I'm just trying to make light of the situation," replies Lotan, "We're playing a game. I'm not taking anything serious anyone f**king says here."

Isabelle then brings up Lotan's son, remarking: "He's meant to be a role model to his son as well."

"You are boring the s**t out of me," says a calm Lotan at first before he gets up to throw a drink over Isabelle.


While Isabelle doesn't appear too fussed, Chanelle, Deborah and Hannah rage at Lotan.

Big Brother calls Lotan to the Diary Room but he refuses to leave, prompting even Charlotte to speak up: "Go to the f**king Diary Room! Lotan do you want to get dragged out of this house by security?"

"Do you think they'll drag me out?" he responds, while a riled Chanelle is escorted to the bathroom after kicking off.

Hannah and Deborah then rage at Lotan as he makes his way to the Diary Room, before Ellie, Kieran, Tom and Charlotte all get involved in a tussle at the bottom of the stairs.

It's at this point that security step into the house to break up the fight, which is on the verge of turning into an an actual brawl.

The full row and fallout will air in tonight's show at 10PM on Channel 5.


This evening's episode is also due to see the latest nominations and fallout.

It was revealed yesterday that Lotan had been put up for eviction this week alongside Isabelle, Tom and Hannah but it's not yet clear if the eviction will be cancelled following the loss of another housemate.

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