Love Island 2017: Dom storms out of the villa after hearing Jess and Mike rumour

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There's shock for Dominic Lever on Love Island 2017 tonight after rumours about Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis.

Reports have suggested that Jess, who was coupled up with Dom in the villa, hooked up with Mike when both were evicted last week.


Marcel and Gabby both inadvertently heard the rumours about Jessica and Mike after winning Skype calls from loved ones in a challenge.

The drama kicked off when Gabby accepted a Skype call with mum Paula, who was full of praise for Marcel: “Marcel, love him. Gabby he’s a dream come true. He’s so lovely in every single way. I love him. He’s great. Honestly Gabby he is the one. Fabulous, love him.”


When Gabby then pressed her for details from the outside, Paula spilt the beans: “Fantastic, the show is huge but Dom needs to give that new girl Tyla a chance because there’s a lot of speculation that Jess has been at it with Mike.”

During his own call with two of his former band mates from Blazin’ Squad, Marcel was eager for some clarification on the rumour, asking: “Is there any news about what’s going on with Jess?”

The boys then revealed: “There’s a story floating. There’s a big rumour about her and Mike.”


When they returned to the rest of the islanders, all of whom were eager to hear what had been said, an anxious Marcel told Gabby that the news should come from him.

Pulling Dom into a private area, Marcel delicately shared the news: “Mate, swear down that was so mad. There was so much information to take on. I’ve got to tell you something. Gabs had her call first and her mum was like ‘Dom needs to give Tyla a chance because there’s stories going around that when Jess and Mike got out, things went down’

"But I didn’t know how true it was so when I went in for my call with my boys they said ‘there’s a story circulating.’ They can’t confirm whether it’s true or not but there’s no smoke without fire, there must have been something.”

A devastated Dom retreated from the garden and stormed out of the villa, sitting alone on the window outside as he contemplated his future.

Reeling from what he had heard, Dom later revealed to the Beach Hut: “I know I was real. I was true to her and I thought it was special. If she’s done what she’s done, it clearly wasn’t as special to her.


"So I’ve decided rather than worry about it, I will cross the bridge when it comes to it when I get out of here. But it’s Love Island and I’m going to enjoy myself and embrace the opportunity I’ve got and thank myself lucky for still being here.”

Is Dom ready to move on, and if so, who’s around to catch his eye?


Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

Jessica and Mike will appear on Love Island: Aftersun this evening (10pm, Sunday night) to reveal the truth behind the rumours.

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