Big Brother 2017: Lotan Carter mocked for his 'pathetic' escape attempt

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Lotan Carter's escape attempt from the Big Brother 2017 house has been mocked by viewers.

Tonight's highlights saw Lotan smash open a door and break into the camera runs after days of rows.


In this evening's episode, Lotan was called to the Diary Room where Big Brother cautioned him over his behaviour in the arguments.

But Lotan hit back: "I'm f**king p***ed off with this bulls**t. I'm not going to create a song and dance about this but if that's how it's going to be perceived then I want out."

Later, a game of truth or dare ended in tears when questions got personal as the topic of Lotan's ex-girlfriend came up.

After letting off some steam in the Diary Room, Lotan returned to the house before storming out via a fire exit door in the garden, as a tearful Ellie watched on.

However Lotan soon re-appeared in the Diary Room only to say he wanted to return to the house

Viewers found the whole thing a bit ridiculous, to put it lightly.


"Why did Lotan walk out the house to cause a big drama over something so pathetic it makes me laugh. Plus why was Ellie crying? #bbuk" one reacted.

Another added: "It's actually laughable how pathetic Lotan is 🙈😂 #BBUK gutted that Ellie is letting him drag her down though 👎🏼"

And a third concluded: "Get #Lotan OUT! Attention seeking, pathetic drama queen #bbuk that was so embarrassing."

Others called on Big Brother to kick him out.

One tweeted simply: "Once you escape, you don't come back. 😡👋🏻#bbuk"


Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The next episode airs Sunday night at 9PM.

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