BBC's Pitch Battle slated by viewers: 'So bad it's hilarious'

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BBC One's new singing competition Pitch Battle is doing little to win over fans.

Last weekend saw the brand new series launch with just 2 million viewers and it's unlikely that number is going to rise much - if at all - this weekend.


One viewer on Twitter concluded: "#PitchBattle is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. So bad it's hilarious"

Another blasted: "Hmm.. #PitchBattle seems to be a poverty stricken #Glee with an ear infection and no access to antibiotics."

One of the biggest complaints seemed to be the lack of true acapella groups competing in the contest.

"I thought #PitchBattle was acappella, so why do they have backing music? " asked a viewer on Twitter.

A third joked: "The BBC chief: let's make a talent show based on Pitch Perfect but have them using instruments and not be singing a Capella. #PitchBattle"

And then when an acappella group did appear, they were eliminated.

"Why on earth didn't 'Out Of The Blue' go through on #PitchBattle ? They're quite literally the only true acapella group on the show!! " another viewer complained.

A second agreed: "Why do all the really good acapella groups get voted off #PitchBattle while those that need music to hide their faults go through?"

But in all fairness, it wasn't ALL bad.


"I LOVE #PitchBattle - the talent is unreal!!!!" raved one viewer while others praised this week's guest judge, Chaka Khan.

Pitch Battle continues Saturday nights on BBC One.

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