Big Brother 2017: Isabelle Warburton argues with Lotan Carter again

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Isabelle Warburton took on Lotan Carter again in the Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

It was the morning after the rows the night before for the housemates.


The previous evening had seen a massive argument between Chanelle McCleary and Lotan with Isabelle then clashing with Lotan when she stuck up for Chanelle.

There was also a bicker about pranks when Lotan tried to scare Hannah Agboola by placing a plastic mouse in her bed.

Yesterday, in the garden, Lotan complained in the smoking area that Hannah was still wanting an apology for the prank.

He was adamant that she was in the wrong, prompting Isabelle to suggest: "It's easy if you just say sorry."

"Who's talking to you?" snapped Lotan.

Isabelle continued, unnerved: "It's just as easy, you don't have to be a child about it."


Lotan told her: "No one's addressing you, can you just..." before miming a closed mouth action.

"Don't patronise me," Isabelle hit back.

"Don't make it so easy for me," remarked Lotan as the other housemates in the smoking area watched on in awkward silence.

Later in the bedroom, Isabelle and Chanelle bonded over their detest of Lotan.

"I love it when he fights, he looks like a f**king tool," Isabelle said.


Chanelle vowed to ignore Lotan and concluded: "He's worse than a woman, a lot of men are these days, worse than women."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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