Big Brother 2017: Isabelle Warburton's sexy side takes everyone by surprise

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Isabelle Warburton got super sexy in the Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

After topping up her tan, she stripped down to her underwear as part of a new task.


Precisely what the challenge involved hasn't been revealed but a clip on Bit On the Side showed Isabelle giving her all to being the 'sexiest housemate'.

And it seemed the other group loved every moment as they were left giving a standing ovation after Isabelle's garden performance.

Earlier in the day, Isabelle had topped up her trademark tan as well as helping to give Raphael Korine an orange glow.

Although she's been living with them for almost a week now, Isabelle's tan was still the talk of the house.

Ellie Young admitted: "She's so tanned, it's crazy."


Charlotte added: "She takes the p*** out of it, she says she's a nice tragic light colour.

And Savannah O'Reilly reacted: "I look like a ghost because of the contrast."

But Raph couldn't be happier at the prospect of getting oranged up, telling Isabelle: "I'm excited to do fake tan with you."

"I love fake tanning people," Isabelle said.

"You can apply it well? enquired Raph.

"Yeah," reassured Isabelle, "I'm quite heavy handed, I've just got to make sure I get in all the nooks and crannies."

Isabelle tans
Isabelle tans

She went on: "I apply it to my face every day, because I put it on underneath my foundation. Other than that, every couple of days.


"Definitely on a Thursday, it's Fake Tan Thursday. Everybody knows about fake tan Thursday. It's when all the tanaholics go all out for the weekend. "

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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