Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 17 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother tonight?

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Here are all the highlights from tonight's Big Brother 2017.

In the garden, Kieran reveals to Joe; “She’s (Savannah) beautiful…I could just listen to her talk.”


In the kitchen, Savannah, Lotan and Tom comment on how ‘orange’ Isabelle is. Lotan jokes; “There’s not a chance she’ll sleep in my bed!”

Isabelle reveals to Rebecca; “I feel boring, I don’t know anybody…I didn’t think I’d get on with you. I think you’re genuinely really nice. It’s so awkward between me and him (Kieran), I think he feels uncomfortable around me. I thought it would be funny to see him and it wasn’t one bit, I was disappointed.”

Rebecca comments that Kieran ‘acts differently in the house from what he does in the outside.

On the sofas, Rebecca reveals to some of her housemates that ‘Isabelle is really struggling’. Kieran states; “She my mate’s ex girlfriend…it puts me in an awkward position.”

In the bathroom, Chanelle tells Isabelle; “Just remember Rebecca’s loyalties lie with Kieran…” Isabelle comments; “I wont try anything with him.”

In the garden, Kieran is talking about Isabelle to Joe and Lotan; “My ex didn’t like her and thought something was going on, we were asleep and my phone went off and it was her ringing at 4 O’clock in the morning…it didn’t look the best.”


For this week’s shopping task, some housemates enter Big Brother’s Den of Dilemma. Housemates will face dilemmas that will force them to make decisions.

Kieran’s dilemma was to decide between a picnic date in the garden with Savannah or Isabelle, he chooses Savannah. For the duration of the date, Isabelle must wait on them both

Savannah and Lotan.
Savannah and Lotan.

In the garden, after Isabelle pours sun cream over Kieran’s during the date, Savannah comments to Kieran ‘that got awkward’. Isabelle asks; “I don’t get why it’s so awkward between us…” Kieran replies; “You can explain the whole story if you want? Your ex is my mate for a start!” Isabelle walks away

Isabelle cries in the diary room; “I just feel so uncomfortable. I’m wary of people. The whole Kieran situation has been made into a big deal when it’s absolutely nothing…he doesn’t want to speak to me, he needs to man up.”

Savannah is talking to Isabelle; “I’m trying to make sure I talk to everyone but it’s awkward. Everyone likes you…I’m sure people will change their opinions.” Isabelle confirms to her that she’s ‘not thinking of leaving’

Lotan is next to be called to the Den of Dilemma. Lotan must chose if he reads mean tweets about Ellie or if Ellie reads mean tweets about him. He choses his own; “That’s not fair on her, I’m used to it and I can take it.” Ellie is pleased

Mean tweets about Lotan include: ‘he’s arrogant’ ‘cringeball Lotan’ and tweeted by BB’s Ryan Ruckledge: ‘biggest muppet in the Big Brother house’

Housemates are asked to order themselves from least to most selfish. The top five selfish housemates face a dilemma, should they go to a party were there are limited invites or be banished and forfeit the invite. All five say banished


The rest of the housemates are invited to go to the party which is held in the kitchen, stocked with a chocolate fountain and party food

The banished housemates secretly watch on from the task room as the invited party guests head to the kitchen to just cook food and avoid the party perks. Rebecca and Deborah have a disagreement over cooking

Ellie is fuming when she’s secretly watching Deborah and Hannah talk about how selfish she is as they say ‘she doesn’t cook or clean and leaves her knickers lying around’

Banished housemates re-join the rest of the house. They reveal to their fellow housemates that they were secretly watching. Elle tells Deborah; “Just tell me if you’re not happy with my pants being out, it’s patronising!” She replies; “I couldn’t give a sh*t!”


Lotan and Tom start throwing the liquid chocolate from the chocolate fountain at each other, Ellie and Charlotte then get involved

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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