Big Brother 2017: Raphael Korine to walk? He admits he's 'had enough'

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Raphael Korine has admitted he's 'had enough' on Big Brother 2017.

In a Diary Room chat with Big Brother, Raph explained how he was struggling to bond with any of his fellow housemates.


"I feel like a lot of people bore me," Raph complained. "I think just the things they talk about doesn't really interest me, their sense of humour doesn't really interest me.

"Particularly the guys, I just... when they're running around and causing nonsense... insulting each other over and over again, insulting everyone over and over again as a joke.

"I don't find that funny whatsoever. I find it very boring."

Raph continued: "Conversation in the house is not stimulating enough for me at the moment and it's quite frustrating.

"It didn't feel frustrating until Friday night and then as soon as Sukhvinder left it definitely hit me because I was always able to talk to Sukhvinder and Imran to learn from them and they were passionate about things I was passionate about. "

He concluded: "It just feels a bit vacant."

Tonight's highlights show saw Raph plan to get back at the housemates with pranks alongside Chanelle.

"I find it really interesting that people think I'm weak," Raph told his partner in crime.


However Raph's prank involving butter and eggs was quickly called out by Big Brother and he had to own up to it in front of the other housemates.

Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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