Love Island 2017: Olivia comes clean to Mike about her kiss with Chris

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Olivia Attwood and Mike Thalassitis talk things through on Love Island 2017 tonight after her kiss with Mike Thalassitis.

Olivia decided to come clean to Mike about snogging Chris behind his back - but he already knew thanks to their quick gossiping fellow Islanders.


Olivia began and told Mike: “I just wanted to level with you a little bit. When you came in and we coupled up I did want to give it a go because you are my sort of guy. But obviously in the days Chris has still been around a lot and made the way he feels clear and I feel like we could have had something but my head is there (with Chris).”

Unsurprised by Olivia’s confession, Mike then challenged her on why she hadn’t come clean before hand: “The only thing I don’t get is why you didn’t tell me sooner. You said you’d give it a go. You said you’d give it 100% and you definitely didn’t give me that.

"You haven’t really been upfront with me. Because you kissed him last night, then you kissed me and you kissed him this morning and I’m only finding out now from you. I knew you were still playing both fields.”

Olivia was quick to play down any intimacy between her and Chris, insisting: “Yeah, we kissed last night but it was like a peck.”

Happy to move on, Mike then declared: “It’s been flat with me and you, we haven’t really got the same banter. You get on better with him. The attraction was there but it didn’t feel like we were in a couple. The attraction was there with Chris and that’s why I couldn’t give you much either. I think Chris probably does like you more than I do.”


Were Olivia love woes finally at an end or was this just the beginning of a bumpy ride for her and Chris?

Love Island 2017 airs at 9PM tonight on ITV2.

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