Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola is annoying pretty much everyone in the house

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Hannah Agboola's antics in the Big Brother 2017 house are leaving her fellow housemates on edge.

Hannah, who is one of four housemates up for eviction this week, has seemingly spent much of the day shouting, screaming and generally being a nuisance.


In a video shared on the official Big Brother channel, Savannah O'Reilly watches on confused as Hannah shouts to herself in the garden.

"I'm having words with you love," Joe Quaranta then warns.

He adds: "You're getting strikes left right and centre. You're on about ten, love."

Lotan then shares with Joe: "She [Hannah] kept saying last night 'I hate her', I was like 'No, you're doing my f**king head in.

"She just kept saying 'You hate me' I was like 'I don't f**king hate you, you're just driving me insane, singing every two seconds and screaming your head off'."


He added: "It'll get there, eventually I'll get there."

Later, Tom complained about Hannah: "Why is she telling everybody they want air time?"

Lotan replied: "She knows she's not getting any, it's all that's on her mind."

Rebecca concludes: "She's the most immature person I've met in a long time. She's so immature, she can't see past the end of her nose. It's like playing chess with a pigeon."

Hannah faces eviction this week alongside Joe, Chanelle McCleary and Rebecca Jane.


Lotan, Kieran and Raph were immune from this week's nominations which were shown in last night's highlights show.

Once everyone had voted, Joe and Rebecca had the most nominations with eight and five votes respectively. Chanelle and Hannah had three nominations each and so all four face eviction.


Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

The next live eviction takes place on Thursday night at 9PM, live with host Emma Willis.

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