Big Brother 2017's new housemates reveal who they fancy

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Big Brother 2017's three potential new housemates have been grilled over who they fancy in the house.

Yesterday, Big Brother announced a new task called 'Pick Me' to the group.


Hosted by Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley, Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran took part in the game for the current housemates.

They sat in the task room alongside the three potential new housemates, with a wall dividing the two groups.

Big Brother revealed the three new housemates above were 24-year-old construction worker and Geordie Shore wannabe Sam Chaloner, 26-year-old Savannah O'Reilly, who counts Ariana Grande amongst her 'close friends' and 21-year-old 'funemployed' Isabelle Warburton.

"Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran, you have the power to decide which two become housemates," Marcus Bentley announced.

The other housemates watched on from the living area - able to see the newbies - as they fought for a spot in the house.


In a blind-date style twist, the current housemates grilled the unseen newbies with a series of questions.

One saw the potential new housemates asked who they fancied in the house.

Isabelle said Kieran - quipping that "he already knows that" as they previously got together outside of the house - and Sam, who appeared on ITV2's Ibiza Weekender said Ellie, who has also appeared on ITV2's Ibiza Weekender. Surprising.

Finally, Savannah revealed it would depend on who she "clicked with personality wise."

Watching on from the main house, Rebecca remarked: "The ex ain't coming in!"

And Ellie celebrated: "Sam said me!"

At the end of the game, two of the three will be chosen as housemates.


In last night's Bit On The Side, Rylan Clark-Neal revealed the very first confirmed housemate chosen by the group is... Savannah O’Reilly!


The second housemate and the whole task will air in the next highlights show.

Big Brother 2017 continues Wednesday night, 10PM Channel 5.

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