Big Brother boys shower together but the girls aren't impressed

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Kieran Lee, Lotan Carter, Tom Barber enjoy a soapy shower together on Big Brother 2017 this evening.

But it seems as though the girls aren't all that impressed.


In tonight's show, Lotan, Tom and Kieran share a steamy shower together, while the girls watch on from the garden.

New girl Savannah O'Reilly doesn't seem particularly won over by any of the guys.

Before entering the house, Savannah said she fancied Kieran the most because he’s most chilled out.

However following their antics on her first night, she tells the other girls: "They're obsessed with each other.

"I don't think they're boyfriend material but i think they're good comic relief."


Savannah joins the house in tonight's show following a Blind Date style task. Lotan, Chanelle and Tom take part in a game show to pick two new housemates, from Savanah, Isabelle and Sam.

Kieran quickly discovers Isabelle is someone he has romantic history with and when she is asked about reconnecting with him, she says “you never know what’s going to happen”.

Kieran then asks the three game show candidates, if there is anyone in the house they fancy. Isabelle reveals she still fancies Kieran.

Meanwhile, Ellie fears that Lotan fancies Savannah.


The boys discuss Savannah in the diary room, Lotan says she is “awesome” and continues to describe her as “banging, a little pint size thing, she’s great fun, a very pretty young lady, that’s not to say I’m f***ing interested, or she’s staying in my bed, but she can if she wants to”.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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