Big Brother 2017: Two new housemates CONFIRMED!

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Two new Big Brother 2017 housemates have been revealed in tonight's show.

Yesterday, Big Brother revealed three new potential housemates who had entered the house.


The trio joined the show on Tuesday as part of a Big Brother dating task.

They are 24-year-old construction work and Geordie Shore wannabe Sam Chaloner (centre), 26-year-old Savannah O'Reilly (left) who counts Ariana Grande amongst her 'close friends' and 21-year-old Isabelle Warburton (right).


However Big Brother explained that they wouldn't all be will be sticking around: The current housemates got to choose which two - out of the three - would become fully fledged BB housemates.

A task took place in the house yesterday (Tuesday) to decide the who the two newbies would be.

Hosted by Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley, Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran took part in the game called Pick Me


They sat in the task room alongside the three potential new housemates, with a wall dividing the two groups.

"Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran, you have the power to decide which two become housemates," Marcus Bentley announced.

The other housemates watched on from the living area - able to see the newbies - as they fought for a spot in the house.

Chanelle, Lotan and Kieran picked the newbies, selecting both girls Isabelle and Savannah.

26-year-old Savannah is a singer from London, LA and Dublin with A-Lister mates. Single Savannah often parties with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande at parties in LA and counts them as close friends.

Savannah describes herself as the ‘most competitive person’ and really wants to win. She is a bit of a jet setter and spends her time working between London, LA and Dublin


21-year-old Isabelle from Warrington who is 'funemployed' and living off Dad's money. Isabelle hates the stereotype that comes with the way she looks “I might have fake eyelashes and bleached hair but I’m actually not a b**ch”


While in Ibiza last year she hooked up with current housemate Kieran. She says they really hit it off and she’ll be insulted if he doesn’t remember her!

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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