Love Island 2017 fans complain to Ofcom over contestants' constant smoking

Love Island 2017 viewers have complained to TV watchdog Ofcom over the amount of smoking by contestants.

This year's couples seem to be particularly bad with the habit and it's not gone unnoticed by fans.


One viewer on Twitter quipped: "Pretty shocking how much these girls are smoking on love island..was it a question on the application, do you smoke ✅ ur in.. #LoveIsland"

Another wrote online: "Disgusted by the constant smoking on #loveisland yuck! How about this week's challenge involves quitting? Bad example and influence."

Fan favourite Camilla particularly surprised viewers.

“F***ing hell even camilla smokes. Does anyone not smoke in this house! #loveisland,” tweeted another user.

One other commented: “Not being funny, but is anyone else actually shocked that Camilla's smoking? #loveisland.”

A third concluded: "camilla smoking??!!!??? feels like watching my granny smoke #loveisland"

A few viewers have taken the complaints further than Twitter and even made official objections to TV regulator Ofcom.


The watchdog confirmed it received complaints about the smoking shown on screen during Love Island and they would be assessing them before deciding whether or not to launch an investigation.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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