Big Brother's Sukhvinder Javeed claims the house is 'full of injustice'

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Big Brother's Sukhvinder Javeed has explained her reasons for walking out of the house.

In last Friday's live show, Big Brother announced live to the house that the second person to be evicted was Imran Javeed, and to everybody’s surprise, his wife Sukhvinder left with him.


Following the announcement, Imran said Sukhvinder said their goodbyes together and left the house.

The pair told Emma that they always planned to leave together and Imran admitted he was happy to be out of the house, but said “other housemates should have gone first” and admitted Kayleigh should have gone before him, because of the “disgusting words” that came out of her mouth.

Explaining her decision to walk this week, Sukhvinder said: There was so much injustice. I couldn't watch my husband, the most amazing human being on Earth in my opinion, walk out before people that didn't give a s**t about others."

She told DigitalSpy: "You just don't know what some people are capable of doing to get famous. [Kayleigh] told me about some of the other reality shows she's been on – she's been in fights.

"When she told me, I was like, 'S**t!' I do not want to be physically hurt just to prove a point. I need to be the bigger person. That's why I walked. I would never resort to physical violence. I don't condone that kind of behaviour."


And reacting to Kayleigh's subsequent ejection from the house for threats of violence, Sukhvinder added: "That validated me leaving. When that happened, I thought, 'Thank you God that I don't have to be at the brunt of that'. I wouldn't have been able to cope. It was sad really."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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