Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary isn't happy about being nominated for eviction

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Chanelle McCleary isn't happy at being put up for eviction on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

She trashes the kitchen in revenge for being nominated by her fellow housemates.


In this evening's episode, we see housemates nominate in turn in the diary room

Big Brother then gathers the group and reveals to the house that Joe, Rebecca, Chanelle and Hannah face eviction live on Thursday

In the bedroom, Deborah, Hannah, Raph and Chanelle are talking about the nominations result.

Chanelle says: “I knew I would be, if they’ve got an issue they need to say it to my face!

"I knew Hannah would be as they want to argue with her. I knew Joe would be after last night…”

Later, Chanelle calls a house meeting, housemates gather on the sofas; “I know some people are a bit down, I want to promote peace, love and positive vibes… we’re a team! We should all hug...I just want everyone to get a long!”

However, Lotan comments; “That’s the fakest speech I’ve heard in my life.”

Visiting the diary room, Chanelle reveals: “It’s up to the public now, hopefully they’ll see I’m just being genuine and I’ll get to stay."

She then admits: "I can feel my petty side coming up! If I’m leaving on Friday I’m going to make you guys miserable as you guys voted for me.


"I’ve tried to calm my petty side…I dropped some eggs before and I’ll drop some more. I just want to play around!”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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