Big Brother 2017 housemates in big row over cracked eggs

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The Big Brother 2017 housemates kick off at one another tonight in 'Egg Gate'.

There's anger when some housemates discover a number of cracked eggs on the floor of the kitchen, and no one is revealing who did it.


"Who keeps smashing f**king eggs on the f**king floor? complains Lotan Carter.

"There's four eggs gone, someone own up it's nothing to do with me," he continues.

Tom Barber then gets the blame but insists he's innocent: "What's this about eggs on the floor? Why have I been told I'm smashing eggs on the floor? Why would I do that? Someone own up.

He then grabs bottles of milk and threatens: "If someone is going to blame me, this is going all over the place. Unless someone owns up in f**king one minute..."

"I will laugh at it if you own up," says Lotan as he and Tom interrogate the other housemates.


But Lotan eventually decides: "By looking at everyone I can normally tell if someone is bulls**ting. I don't think anyone's lying right now."

"Do you think [Big Brother] is f**king with us?" asks Big Brother.

"I think we're getting f**ked with," concludes Lotan.

But Tom continues to try and get one of the other housemates to own up.

Later, Lotan tells Rebecca that Joe thinks it’s her to blame for the egg smashing, which prompts her to fume: “I’m 32 years old! He’s out to get me! He’s nasty! I’ve had enough of him!”

Rebecca goes to her bedroom and yells, “I’m furious! I’ve had enough of him! He’s trying to turn people against me. He’s the one who is blaming me for it! He’s attacking my personality!”

So who really is behind it all? The culprit is in fact Chanelle.


She tells the Diary Room it's revenge for being nominated: "I can feel my petty side coming up! If I’m leaving on Friday I’m going to make you guys miserable as you guys voted for me. I’ve tried to calm my petty side…I dropped some eggs before and I’ll drop some more. I just want to play around!”


Who is behind the mystery egg smashing?

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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