Big Brother 2017: Is Lotan Carter's ex-girlfriend heading into the house?

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Big Brother 2017 bosses have revealed three new housemates - and fans think Lotan's ex will be one of them.

Three potential housemates will enter the Big Brother house on Wednesday as part of a Big Brother dating task.


Two are female and one is a guy but their identities are being kept a secret for now.

However viewers have tipped Lotan's ex-girlfriend to be in the mix after he spoke about his feelings for her in the house - much to Ellie's upset.

"Lotan ex girlfriend will be there, I bet!" one viewer tweeted.

Another added: "I think one of the guests will be Lotan's ex girlfriend,just to push Elle over the edge."

Whether or not Lotan's ex will be going in remains to be seen but there's more to the upcoming twist as not all of three housemates will be staying.

The current housemates will choose which two - out of the three - will then become full BB housemates.


All will be shown in Wednesday night's Big Brother, 10pm Channel 5.

The newbies come after four exits in just one week.

Saturday saw Kayleigh Morris ejected from the house for unacceptable behaviour, coming only hours after Friday night's unplanned double eviction.

The latest live show on Friday evening saw an surprise double exit as Big Brother announced live to the house that the second person to be evicted was Imran. His wife Sukhvinder didn't hesitate in getting up to leave with him as both went out the front door together.


And last Sunday saw Arthur Fulford leave the show, departing via the Diary Room in another surprise exit.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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