Big Brother spoilers: Chanelle McCleary and Kieran Lee given secret task

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Chanelle McCleary and Kieran Lee have been given a secret task by Big Brother.

The pair were called to the Diary Room earlier today where Big Brother handed them some secret ear pieces.


"Today, Big Brother is setting the two of you a very special secret mission," Big Brother explained.

"It will test your sneakiness, your stealth and your subtlety," they added.

Kieran quipped, pointing to Chanelle: "Oh we're f**ked then - subtlety?!"

Big Brother continued to explain that the pair would have to hide various objects around the house.

Big Brother explained: "Big Brother will speak to you via an earpiece, telling you where the object is.

"You then have to then go and collect it and hide it somewhere in the house without any of your fellow housemates noticing."

The varied objects the pair had to smuggle into the house ranged from a plastic garden gnome to, err, a life sized, very real garden gnome.


Chanelle and Kieran sneaked the poor bloke in fancy dress into the garden - but did the other housemates notice?

The task will air in Monday night's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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