Big Brother 2017: Kayleigh Morris removed after huge row with Chanelle McCleary

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Kayleigh Morris has been REMOVED from the Big Brother 2017 house after a major row with Chanelle McCleary.

Kayleigh was ejected from the house overnight, Channel 5 officially confirmed in a statement released earlier today.


They said this afternoon: "Kayleigh has been removed from the house.

"Big Brother cannot tolerate threats of actual violence in the Big Brother house. This will be covered in tonight's show at 9pm, Channel 5."

Tonight's show saw what happened as a row kicked off when Chanelle claimed that Ellie follows Kayleigh around the house.


"That's just how I feel, so I'm just going to be honest," Chanelle told the two girls.

Kayleigh didn't take the comment well and hit back, but Chanelle told her: "It's nothing to do with you, don't start with me!"

Chanelle then threw a glass and kicked a chair at Kayleigh, prompting her to react: "I'll smash your face in!"

Ellie and Kayleigh.
Ellie and Kayleigh.

As the two girls squared up, Big Brother instructed the other housemates to split them up.

"Smash my face in? Come on then!" shouted Chanelle at Kayleigh from across the house.

"Silly f**king little c**t!" Kayleigh retorted.

As Chanelle was taken to the bedroom, Kayleigh went with Rebecca to the Diary Room.

There she fumed: "I'm going to f**king hurt her ten times harder than she'll hurt me. She's six times the size of me, f**king fat c**t."

"Do you know how much I wanted to pick up a chair and smash it across her f**king face?"

She then threatened: "I'll grab a sharp object and f**king smack her with it."

Kayleigh was then seen being ejected from the house by Big Brother following the fight.


Kayleigh's exit is the fourth in just one week, coming only hours of last night's unplanned double eviction.

Chanelle meanwhile was given a second, formal warning for her part in the bust up.


The latest live show on Friday saw an surprise double exit as Big Brother announced live to the house that the second person to be evicted was Imran. His wife Sukhvinder didn't hesitate in getting up to leave with him as both went out the front door together.

And last Sunday saw Arthur Fulford also leave the show, departing via the Diary Room in another surprise exit.


Host Emma Willis teased in last night's live show that we would be seeing some "new faces" next week to make up for all the premature exits.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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