Love Island 2017: Montana Brown and Sam Gowland to couple up?

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Montana Brown and Sam Gowland could become Love Island's latest couple.

Montana has yet to find romance in the house, currently coupled up 'as friends' with Marcel.


But in tonight's show, Sam is putting his moves on Montana suggesting that they could be a good new match: “On a serious note though we always got on well anyway and you fancy us don’t you so that helps, are you going to admit it yet?... Personally out of anyone in here who I can see it going further than just friendship with, it’s you.”

Montana admits, “Honestly if it had been three days ago, I would have been like ‘No, never, never.’”

Love Island:  Montana and Sam laughing.
Montana and Sam laughing.

Fresh from his split from Olivia, Sam agrees: “Three days ago it would have been friendship, just mates obviously we’ve spent more time together, you’ve been putting it right on us. Flirting all day every day,” he teases, “But 100% I see it potentially going further...”

Montana admits she thinks it might be a “slow burner” between the pair: “Just don’t try and stick it on me and start dry humping me in the middle of the night,” she warns.

“No I wouldn’t do something like that, I’d pre-warn you!” Sam jokes. “Personality wise you tick the correct box because you’re the same as me really in that aspect where you can have a daft laugh but when you need to be serious, you’ll be serious and obviously it helps that you’re good looking. That does always help. Obviously you’re a seven out of 10,” he laughs cheekily.

Montana retorts, “I reckon you might be a six with sunglasses. Without sunglasses maybe a four…”

“So if you add them together, it’s a 10!” laughs Sam, proving he’s not just a pretty face.

Montana later gossips with the girls, telling Amber: “That escalated so quickly… I don’t even know where that came from, that is so not how I wanted it to go… I’ve just gone along with it… I actually fancy him now.

Love Island: Sam with Montana.
Sam with Montana.

"It’s different vibes like two days ago I would have been like, no literally just mates because we literally were just friends. Now it’s more like, ‘I am starting to find you attractive’ sort of thing. Like you and Kem… But I’m not ‘Oh I want to rip your clothes off’ sort of thing, not yet.”


Amber encourages: “Not yet… And I didn’t want to rip Kem’s clothes off remember that? Honestly, you sat there and it was so flowy, I could hear it and I just thought, ‘She would be stupid to rule it out.’ You’d be stupid to do that.”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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