Big Brother 2017 gets Ofcom complaints over alleged racism after last night's show

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Big Brother 2017 has received complaints to Ofcom over alleged racism following last night's show.

Official objections have been made after Deborah Agboola and Rebecca Jane had a nasty argument that got VERY personal.


It all started over something small as a row kicked off in the house when Chanelle and Ellie sat down to eat their dinner before the rest of the housemates and Imran called them “selfish”.

Hannah and Lotan then came to blows over the dinner fall out, which in turn saw Deborah to stand up for her sister, leading to them both arguing with Rebecca and Lotan where she was branded "aggressive".

Deborah then told Rebecca: "I'm cool with everyone, I don't know about this aggressive stuff. You're the one who's going psycho for someone who doesn't even want you."

"Are you f**king for real?!" snapped Rebecca. "That's a low blow... F**k off. You're just nasty, nasty."

Deborah went on: "If someone tells me I'm being aggressive, what do you think I am? I will go personal, that's something I do, that's what I do."


She explained: "If I took away my skin colour - and I'm going to take it there - no one would say I'm aggressive."

Rebecca insisted: "This has nothing to do with that."

But Deborah continued: "If you walked in my shoes every day and spoke the way I spoke and 10 million people told you you're aggressive... I take that [being called aggressive] personally."

Viewers were split over the disagreement with many backing Deborah.

Hannah, Deborah and Lotan.
Hannah, Deborah and Lotan.

"Chanelle kicks a shoe at someone, puts a bag over sukhvinder and spits and hits Kierans hat off yet Hannah and Deborah are aggressive😕 #BBUK" one pointed out.

However others accused Deborah of 'playing the race card'.

One viewer posted to Twitter: "Colour didn't come into the argument. Don't play the race card sweetie #BBUK"

DigitalSpy reports that there have been 9 official complaints lodged following the episode.


A spokesperson for Ofcom told the website: "We have received 9 complaints relating to alleged racism in last night's episode of Big Brother. We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest episode at 10PM on Thursday night.

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