Love Island spoiler: Chloe and Tyne-Lexy make a move on Jonny after his split from Camilla

Love Island 2017 spoilers

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Chloe Crowhurst and Tyne-Lexy Clarson are both after Jonny Mitchell in tonight's Love Island 2017.

Jonny and Camilla Thurlow are no more after mutually splitting following a row yesterday. Now that Jonny is an eligible guy again, Chloe wastes no time in offering him a shoulder to cry on as they discuss the split with Camilla in tonight's show.


Agreeing that the pair have “craic”, Johnny tells Chloe, “We’re both from the same place and me and you are still tight, we’re cool. You’re still in the game babe.”

They high five and Chloe smiles, “I’m still in the game with you.”

Love Island 2017: Johnny and Chloe chatting.
Johnny and Chloe chatting.

Later in the Beach Hut, Johnny explains why his feelings for Chloe may be growing: “Chloe has been a massive part of my journey in here.

"When I first arrived, I thought ‘another Essex bird’ but she’s a good laugh and I enjoy people that are very positive, very bubbly and comparatively to Camilla, I would be able to be myself around her and you can tell we do just get on and she’s not just putting it on because she wants to stay in.”

However Chloe isn't the only single girl in the villa ahead of the next recoupling.

Tyne-Lexy also moves in for a chat with Jonny and asks whether he can see a future with Chloe.

He says: “I do. The thing is she’s a great girl, she’s an Essex girl, I get on with her like a house on fire. Chloe is like one of the lads almost and that’s it.

Love Island 2017: Jonny

"Compared to Camilla it was impossible, I couldn’t have too much of a joke around her and stuff like that. I couldn’t have an opinion on things. I can’t make jokes.”


Tyne-Lexy sees her time to shine. “I don’t want to sound really full on here because I really don’t want to come across like that but from the start, you were one of the guys who I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s someone that I’m attracted to.’”

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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